🌤 WUnderground data uploader


A pm2.5 value isn’t available in the Wunderground API documentation.
That’s probably why it doesn’t work.

Nice! I’ll probably repurpose the idea for another API.

Hi there @dvandonkelaar ! Thanks for providing this blueprint. I’m having problems getting it to run though. I’m currently using Node Red and I know that the sensors that I am using do work well with the WU I’m using in NR. Note that I am using password with NR upload but I did pull the station key value from WU profile.

I did notice that some of my sensors did not autopopulate the dropdowns so I just pasted the HA entity value. I have also confirmed that I’ve added the curl_get command and restarted. It shows up fine when I look in services. I try to do a force run on my automation but it doesn’t do anything and I can’t find any problems in the logs. Last run shows ‘Never’. Can you give me a push on what I should be checking and where I might get some kind of clue as to why nothing is happening?

alias: WEATHER - WUnderground upload
description: ""
  path: dvandonkelaar/wunderground_upload.yaml
    sensor_baro: sensor.office_temp_humid_pressure
    sensor_temp: sensor.acurite_5_in_1_temperature
    station_id: [redacted]
    station_key: [redacted]
    sensor_winddir: sensor.acurite_5_in_1_wind_direction_filtered
    sensor_windspeed: sensor.acurite_5_in_1_wind_speed_filtered
    sensor_windgust: sensor.acurite_5_in_1_wind_gust
    refresh_frequency: 300
    sensor_rain: sensor.acurite_5_in_1_rain
    sensor_dailyrain: sensor.acurite_5_in_1_rain_today
      - sensor.office_temp_humid_pressure
      - sensor.acurite_5_in_1_temperature
      - sensor.acurite_5_in_1_wind_direction_filtered
      - sensor.acurite_5_in_1_wind_speed_filtered
      - sensor.acurite_5_in_1_wind_gust
      - sensor.acurite_5_in_1_rain
      - sensor.acurite_5_in_1_rain_today
    curl_command_service: shell_command.curl_get
    sensor_humidity: sensor.acurite_5_in_1_humidity
    sensor_dewpt: sensor.acurite_5_in_1_dewpoint
    calculate_dewpt: false
    sensor_indoortemp: sensor.lr_temp_humid_temperature
    sensor_indoorhumidity: sensor.lr_temp_humid_humidity
    delay: 60

Found a bug. The uploader automation fails when the wind speed sensor has a unit of measurement of “mph”. I changed to km/h and the automation runs fine. Is mph a valid unit?


Did you managed to get this to work? Maybe the pasted sensor names give a problem in the blueprint/automation because the device_class is not correct. Can you check the device classes with the needed device classes?

There is nothing wrong with te supplied code, so the problem must be somewhere else.


According to the sensor device classes, mph is a valid unit.
The code only does a calculation if the unit_of_measurement is “km/h” and takes the text value if it has an other unit_of_measurement.
Commit 19f366d fixes this issue.

Thanks for the update. Unfortunately I did just convert this over to an automation myself yesterday so timing is a bit off. I may try it later at some point but for now I’ll just stick with what I just wrote.

Thanks for making the fix to the wind speed! Units of “mph” work now.

Nice to hear it all works now.
The blueprint is updated with a solarradiation and UV sensor, so these could also be added to the WUnderground upload.

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