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WYZE -- RTSP in Beta, here is how to get it


Saw this come in late last night


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Any advantage to this over Dafang hacks?


I haven’t used Dafang but based on the features, i would think one of the big ones would be you can block it from talking with the mother ship and keep everything in your own network.


I think one potential advantage will be support for their new ‘Sense’ accessories while retaining video compatibility with third-party applications. But my understanding is the Sense accessories aren’t yet compatible with the RTSP (Beta) firmware. And I don’t know if the Sense accessories will be compatible with third-party software like HA.

I installed this on a camera (Pan) that I don’t use much and as of now I still prefer the Dafang hack. Wyze’s software doesn’t allow control over resolution or FPS, and I haven’t found any way yet to control PTZ outside of their app. And with their current software/firmware revisions the PTZ automatically resets to center after 10 seconds. :unamused:

But I do applaud Wyze’s step in the right direction. :+1:


This didn’t sound promising:

We don’t have the resources to keep developing two branches of firmware for Wyze Cam v2 and Wyze Cam Pan. This means that the RTSP branch will be upgraded infrequently. Adapting to RTSP the version will prevent the camera from supporting any future functionality additions, such as A.I. for Human/Animal/Vehicle recognition, event video tagging, further stability improvements, and bug fixes.

From here: https://support.wyzecam.com/hc/en-us/articles/360026245231-Wyze-Cam-RTSP

So it’s just a one-and-done version and not part of their ongoing feature set, it seems.


Right, RTSP is resource heavy and the cams have limited on-board memory. So they either could do RTSP or they could keep adding the other things on the roadmap. They are committed to bug fixes/security patches on the firmware but just nothing new. I think it’s a fair trade off.


Currently I have this setup and it’s working great for a duration of time.

I have the camera setup in MotionEye but it seems like after some time the stream goes grey and doesn’t play until I toggle RTSP off and on in the Wyze app, then it’s good for a while.

The only thing I can think of that might be causing issues is that I have it recording motion events in Wyze still. The Wyze app captures nicer quality and more consistently than MotionEye right now does for me, which is the reason I leave it enabled.

I’m just wondering if leaving that enabled in the Wyze app is causing my stream/camera in MotionEye and HA to go to a gray screen occasionally.

I’m running MotionEye off a Raspi but wondering if I should move it to a more powerful VM for better processing of videos because that’s my main complaint about MotionEye. I have the FPS and quality turned up and I have the files moving to another location when they are being captured but sometimes the quality is just really poor and the Wyze app is consistently more clear/better quality.

Has anyone else experienced this or have any suggestions as to why?


I like using this because it allows the wife to continue to use the Wyze App but allows me to stream directly through HA instead of using something like TinyCam on an Android. (Destroyed two batteries on my Nexus 6 running too hot and connected 24/7).

While it most likely is a one and done deal, the other features they have planned seem really cool, they don’t entice me enough right now. As long as they bug fix any issues with the RTSP firmware version, I’m down for not having any new stuff on there.


I have the same problem but don’t have any clue why it is happening…
If you figure anything out, please share. Good luck!


For a test I left motion detection on but turned off the movies and it appears to be 100% better for me. I use the motion detection now just as a ‘motion sensor’ almost and it updates in home assistant if someone is at the driveway or the front entrance. It doesn’t record directly with motionEye anymore though and only through the Wyze app to the SD card.

I’d like to get it recorded to MotionEye when motion is detected but it seems like there was an issue if it was detecting the motion and recording the video in motionEye and within the Wyze app.

I didn’t test by turning off motion detection/recording within the Wyze app and turning it on within MotionEye though. That would be the next good test.

I felt the Wyze captures were more reliable than MotionEye for me and that’s why I just stuck with this for now and used the motion detection in MotionEye as just more of a sensor in Home Assistant.


I setup the RTSP firmware today and tried both the generic and ffmpeg camera types, both of which seem to work for a short time (on the order of a few minutes) but then just stop updating in the UI and can’t seem to figure out why.


Is there anything in the Home Assistant logs right before the streams turn off?


same problem herem just a black image in the card, in the wyze app, everything working good


Not sure what I changed (aside from updating HASS) and now it seems to work fine.


I just enabled my V2 with the RTSP firmware yesterday. As being reported here, a few hours later, I could only view the camera via the Wyze app. HA would not fully expand the camera entity. Also, I could no longer view the rtsp stream from IP Cam Pro or VLC media player.

Rebooted the V2 just now, and everybody’s happy.
Looks like a V2 issue, given three apps are unable to connect…