X86 HA Freezing When Flashing Drive

Hey All,

I’m trying to convert a Lenovo M700 Tiny to a dedicated HA PC but when I flash the SSD via Ubuntu on a flash drive, it freezes after 4% completion… Has anyone encountered this issue?

are you using BalenaEtcher?

sometimes when I use the Flash from URL it doesn’t work

so I copy the URL into a browser and hit enter and causes it to download manually and I use the Flash from file options

Try this guide:

Unfortunately it’s not the URL but a local file…

Thanks for the guide. I followed it and ran into the same issue where Etcher crashed at 4%. Thought it might be the hard drive so I bought a new SSD and replaced the old one but still have the same exact problem…

Any change you can provide a screenshot of the drives Etcher can see, like the example below.

Solved my issue! Wasn’t extracting the OS before trying to install… Thanks for the help