X86 Touchscreen Dashboard

So I managed to obtain a 15" x86 based industrial touchscreen monitor (Intel Atom N455 1.6Ghz). I am looking to turn this into my lovelace dashboard and I am looking for some ideas on the software end of things. I currently run HA docker on a separate system and I don’t intend to change this. Basically I am looking to turn this touchscreen into a kiosk style touchscreen for my lovelace. I could load a linux distro on this unit and run a web browser in full screen mode but I am wondering if there are other light weight options or ideas the community has on making this into a snappy primary interface maybe with some hardware status information back to HA (thinking browser mod style). If you have any ideas let me know, nothing is off the table as I have not decided on a direction for this unit as of yet. Thanks!

Which way you choose? I am right now in a similar situation, therefore i would like to hear your experience.