Xfinity XHK1-UE Outdoor Use

I recently bought an Xfinity XHK1-UE keypad. I mainly want to use the device to open my front door or garage door, depending on the code entered. I got the device paired, added the automations, and everything’s working fine. The question is regarding using this device outside.

First, the location in which I plan to place the key pad is sheltered pretty well from the elements. I don’t recall a single time when the location the keypad will be located got wet. Having said that, is this device weather resistant? Should I plan on placing it in an enclosure to be safe?

Second, are there any security concerns with placing this device outdoors, where anyone can access it? I understand that given enough time and money, a determined actor could compromise any security measure. But I’m assuming if someone really wants to get into my house, they’ll break a window instead of spending days/weeks/months reverse engineering this thing.

Thanks for the feedback.