Xian Fang Cameras - want to turn them off when i am at home

Hello Everyone!

I am pretty new to Hassio but i really love it so far.
I have set up everything running - but now i am at a point i don’t know how to go on.

The thing is i want some cameras (hacked Xiaomi XiaoFang cameras) to record as long as i am not at home.
But when i am at home, i simply want them to be turned off.

I already implemented some presence detection for 2 mobile devices - this is working so far.
The cameras are also running - i am currently using them with motionEye addon.

So can anyone please guide me how to connect the presence state with the switching of the cameras?


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I would love this! My system have a pretty good presence detection system up and running using wifi, BT and GPS.

I also have several cameras configured using motionEye set to record pictures/video if there is motion.

It would be great to be able to turn off this when my system is in “Home” mode and turned on again when the house is in “Away” mode.

Is there an easy option to turn on and off motionEye in automations?