Xiaomi Air Purifier on Home assistant shows unavailable suddenly

My Xiaomi Air Purifier on Home assistant shows unavailable suddenly.
I have checked the config.yaml. it looks ok (IP address is correct/matching as per fing app data).
All other devices on my HA works fine.
Please help
- platform: xiaomi_miio
host: 192.XXX.XX.XXX
name: Xiaomi Air Purifier
model: zhimi.airpurifier.v3

Turn OFF & ON Purifier done (No use)
Veified Config on HA & Restarted HA: (No use)

Please help

Same thing here.
Looks like it happens starting with 0.82.1. I didn’t notest happening that with 0.82.0

  • platform: xiaomi_miio
    name: Pi
    host: 192.168.xxx.xxx
    token: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    model: zhimi.airpurifier.m1


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I did the following which worked for me. Maybe u can give it a try

Restart Air purifier, Home assistant, Wifi router
Once all are restart ull see New Air purifier with different entity id mine was Airpurifier_2
Now configure all automation, script, customization based on new entity id

Still, I don’t see temperature & humidity value from the purifier but all other working OK