Xiaomi air Purifiers - lacking support

Both Integrations are not working properly. The HACS version makes HA crash probably because of this error:

Detected blocking call to open inside the event loop by custom integration 'xiaomi_miot' at custom_components/xiaomi_miot/__init__.py, line 208: with open(os.path.dirname(__file__) + '/core/miot_specs_extend.json') as file: (offender: /config/custom_components/xiaomi_miot/__init__.py, line 208: with open(os.path.dirname(__file__) + '/core/miot_specs_extend.json') as file:), please create a bug report at https://github.com/al-one/hass-xiaomi-miot/issues

The is already an open issue for that from February so it is clear that it won’t be fixed soon.

The integration from HA doesn’t support all models I have. Again open issues are there but no one cares.

I only need to switch on and off.
Is there any other way to do that? Python, Homebridge, anything?

That’s just a warning.
It’s unlikely to be the cause of the crashes.

Maybe start by telling us what device you are talking about :crystal_ball:

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zhimi.airp.mb5a and zhimi.airpurifier.vb2 are not supported.

If it is only a warning that might be good. For now I use the HACS version with the local connection and Tokens instead of the cloud login. Until now it didn’t crash.

The only other things I did in the meantime is updating to 2025.6.2 (from .1) and installing isal:
pip install isal

HA showed a warning that the missing isal could cause a worse performance. This message is now gone. Maybe this was causing the crash?