Xiaomi Aqara (door, motion,...) and ZHA

Good morning colleagues.

I am pairing some xiaomi devices (door sensor, motion sensor, etc …) with ZHA integration.

Door sensor -> Status is instantaneous (open / closed). However I can’t show the battery level. At the same time I added the Deconz Add On, and from the Phoscon application I see that the device reports 100% battery and even a temperature (which I found very high 30º at night?!?!).

Motion Sensor -> Same problem, as unable to display battery level. Apart from this problem, I can’t have two states (stopped / moving). It is always reporting “Moving”.

After some research, I found that there is a library that allows you to collect this battery level data and a number of other parameters:

My current system is Ubuntu -> docker -> hassio.

To install, simply access the terminal and run the following command:
pip install zha-quirks?

Does this install the package for Hassio?

Sorry for some stupid questions, but I’m a windows user for 30 years. I am starting to use ubuntu and learning.

To close, even after installing the package, as I understand it, you will then need to apply a “quirk”. How do you do this? Can you give me a slight example to try to replicate on my side?

Hi, did you manage to get this working? I’m also looking into using quirks, but have no glue how to install with hassio.

No need to install quirks with hassio, they are installed by default.

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great, but it still seems I cannot use the left and right button on my ikea remote control, even if I see it here in the quirk: https://github.com/dmulcahey/zha-device-handlers/tree/dev/zhaquirks/ikea

What am I missing, zigbee and quirks docus is quite light here: https://www.home-assistant.io/integrations/zha

Cheers @PrairieSnpr

Which remote is yours? The two button remote? If so, that was just added and hasn’t made it to hassio yet.

no the five button

Looks like those should work if you are on the latest hassio. Just to confirm, when you subscribe to “zha_event” you see events from all but two of the buttons?

correct, no events using zha_event. being on hassio 0.103.5.

Ok, so next steps are to find the device in ZHA device management and confirm the quirk is applied. And then open a ticket on the zha-device-handlers page with the applied quirk and the symptoms. Sounds like there may be an Issue with the quirk.

how do I apply a quirk? Is there documentation, also the whole cluster setup and binding is something I have seen, but not understood, as I was not able to see the documentation for it.

Any hint where to find it would be great

They are applied automatically. Go to configuration then ZHA in the device drop down, find your device. You should see something like this.

Next to quirk, if a quirk is applied it will tell you.

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no quirk applied, I remove the device and re-added, still no luck.

Except of that quirk the rest was really working well. Can you also explain what the bind/unbind thing is in zha on the bottom of the page?

Ok, the quirk didn’t match, could be the device signature is slightly different. You can open a ticket with your device signature, should pop up in the logs when you join the device.

The bind is used to directly bind a remote to a device, I only have one remote setup this way, so not an expert.

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Thank for the help on this one

How do i check for quirks with the ZHA integration?
I’m having the same 100% bat issue and i cant find a solution.