Xiaomi Aqara european and chinese server, Should I care?

Hello! This is my first post here, and I have to say thank you to all of you awesome community.

I’m starting with this new world and of course I have many doubts and also made mistakes already… (like I bought 8 Aqara E1 door and window sensor coming from aliexpress and can’t use it in HA yet… not supported)

I’m still waiting for one zigbee stick from electrolama but in the meantime I’m also buying some devices. Don’t want to make to many mistakes more… so I want to know about the Aqara devices, I was reading and watching videos about them, they use european and chinese servers when they are adding in the app but when I want to add them in home assitant with zigbe2mqtt should I care to which server they have to connect? or that is only when they use the hub and have to connect to the cloud?

Thanks again! and I hope someone can clarify this little doubt.


I have a few Xiaomi devices and they don’t have any way to have an external connection when paired to my zigbee controller and not using the hub/app.

So doesn’t matter from which server they work china or Europe if they are supported by zigbee2mqtt I can use them together in home assistant.

Thanks for your reply! Really appreciate

actually what I’m saying is that it doesn’t matter which server because the devices will never even try to connect to any server if you use them locally using zigbee2mqtt or ZHA (which is what I use) and not the Xiaomi hub.

it’s a completely moot point.