Xiaomi Aqara Mini Switch Not Responding/ Battery Usage


I want to ask anyone who uses the Aqara Mini Switch (the v2 one I think, that has 1-2-3-4 times pressed option in ZHA) how long does their battery life last? I use the device once a day, and after ~7 days it stops responding. By this time, it shows under 30% battery left and when I click the button the LED on it glows pretty dim and my automations do not work. The interesting thing is if I press the pairing button once, then after that it works just fine (not sure for how long as the next day it does not work anymore). I replaced the battery, but this does not help, only if I remove and re-add the device, then it works again for a while. I had this switch for 2 years before I decided to hook it up to Home Assistant, before I used it with the Aqara hub, and the battery life was still at 60%. Now I already replaced 2 batteries. Does anyone have this same issue?

with mine the battery dies in 2-3days, using only once a day.
I replaced batteries 5x already, different brands, Duracell among them

Not sure I have same version, mine only do single and double click. Called lumi.remote.b1acn01

I have 2 of them, both more than one year on the same battery. They show 70% and 66%. Used 1 or 2 times a day.

You mention you can re-pair them, and they work again. Are your zigbee mesh strong with mains etc? Are the buttons paired to nearby mains? The aqara devices do not easily move to new routers in the network.

Since I created this topic, just after a few days I replaced the battery again and that was the last time I did it in 5 months. Now it’s still showing me 94% in HA. Not sure what helped in my case but I am glad it’s working ok now. Hope it stays like this :smiley: and I don’t jinx it.

It would help if someone identified what device this is.