Xiaomi Aqara Mini Switch Not Responding/ Battery Usage


I want to ask anyone who uses the Aqara Mini Switch (the v2 one I think, that has 1-2-3-4 times pressed option in ZHA) how long does their battery life last? I use the device once a day, and after ~7 days it stops responding. By this time, it shows under 30% battery left and when I click the button the LED on it glows pretty dim and my automations do not work. The interesting thing is if I press the pairing button once, then after that it works just fine (not sure for how long as the next day it does not work anymore). I replaced the battery, but this does not help, only if I remove and re-add the device, then it works again for a while. I had this switch for 2 years before I decided to hook it up to Home Assistant, before I used it with the Aqara hub, and the battery life was still at 60%. Now I already replaced 2 batteries. Does anyone have this same issue?