Xiaomi Aqara Wall switch converted to a wireless switch

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Hello everyone!
I’ve have a couple of Xiaomi Aqara wall switches with neutral (single and double buttons versions). Everything works smoothly if I use them as regular wall switches, but I want to convert them to a wireless switches.
In my room I have single wall switch and hue bulbs.
So the flow I want:
1). single click toggles hue lamps
2). Alexa controls hue lamps
Everything is ok with the second point, however I wasn’t able to find a working solution for the first one. Hassio doesn’t register click from this wall switch, since it’s kinda binary sensor now, not a regular wall switch.

The idea is that switch will be always enabled and it’s button will control turning on and off hue lamps virtually, like setting brightness to 0-100 (turning bulbs on and off).

It seems that Xiaomi gateway doesn’t send such events to hassio listener or maybe I’m missing something in logs. When I press button converted to a wireless switch - hassio doesn’t receive any incoming events or they are missing in logs.
Also it would be nice to see/debug all incoming events to hassio listener, even from “unregistered” devices

DId you manage to solve it?
I’m facing the exactly same issue

Unfortunately no :confused:

Hey there colleagues! I have the same issue but with non-neutral version.

I have bought Aqara Wall Switch Double Rocker QBKG03LM and was expecting it to be using as virtual buttons, but Home Assistant is not seeing this switch as a binary sensor. It is seen in the system as two entities switch.wall_switch_left and switch.wall_switch_right.

I have another Aqara wireless switch WXKG02LM which is seen in Home Assistant as there binary sensors (left, right, both).

Meanwhile you can decouple (disconnect from internal relay) the physical buttons in MiHome app and make them virtual buttons to attach to different scenarios. But the nightmare is that Home Assistant is not seeing these buttons (binary sensors) and actions at all…

Any ideas guys? Anyone with the solution?

Might be useful for others too…


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Hello! I faced the same problem. I came up with kludge which worked for me.

I have a double switch, and one output is not wired up. In Mi Home, I turned off the function of the wireless switch, now despite the wires are not connected, the relay clicks, but of course it does nothing. But Homeassistant sees state of this switch, and you can track and use its status on or off.

Hi all!
I hope you all are doing well!

@Tigran, did you mange to listen to the events of the QBKG03LM once turned to wireless function?

I am facing the same problem and I would really apreciate any sugestion :slight_smile:

Thank you in advance for your help,

best regards,


I have the same problem: Xiaomi_aqara.click not found

Any news?

Good evening @50l3r,

No I was not able to listen to the events of the switch once turned it to wireless mode.

There is another thread in this web where Yonguelle confirms that it is not possible :-(.

I bought the cc2531 USB, flashed it, and I am trying to listen to the switch through this interface.

But I am stuck, I do not know how to configure the switch as decouple mode.

Thank you so much,


Using separate zigbee controller will can control wall events like click, double click…etc?

With xioami gateway i cant

I had the same issue with double-key no neutral aqara switch. One of it’s buttons is not connected. But I stumbled upon this topic and thanks to Enrique connected the switch to zigbee2mqtt. And it works like I wanted it to.

I’m currently also playing with CC2531. Just managed to do the first automation with zigbee2mqtt with something simple like MiButton. now i have single/double/triple/quadruple/many/long (! 6 !) options instead of 3.
During the weekend I’ll try to connect the Aqara Wall Switch – will see how it goes, will report later.

Good evening to all!
@Tigran, how did you manage to listen more than two clicks in the MiButtom device?

Did you modify any configuration file, if so, I suppose that something similar could be done with the Aqara Wall Switch, don’t you think so?

I look forward to your comments after the weekend :slight_smile:

Thank you so much in advance for your help,


Anybody can get the Xiaomi Double Walls switch (no neutral) button converted into wireless switch register the click event with xiaomi_aqara.click event?