Xiaomi Aquara double wireless switch no event in deconz is shown

Hi first time asking a question here, I have recently purchased two xiaomi aquara double wireless switches. With them I want to turn on lights. I have deconz working together with the conbee stick. When i was testing the setup I managed to connect one of the switches and was able to execute automation’s using the event listener in dev tools to find the deconz_event with the corresponding event data, this I used to execute a certain task. Now i’ve switched networks and want to integrate this button again. Only it now does not show an event when pressed. So I tried the other button, this worked! So a newly connected button works but the old and previously connected one does not. I’ve tried reconnecting it quite a few times, took the battery out of the switch and renamed it, but now I am out of ideas. Do any of you perhaps have experience with this, and know how to solve it?