Xiaomi ble: add support to ble door locks? sure, it's possible

xiaome ble door locks use the same encryption algorithm as LYWSD03MMC, and now there are at least 2 methods to get the beaconkey: a kind of ble gateway (chuangmi xiaobai ir remote) will print out it on the TTL port, and it can also be found in the log of the multi-mode gw ( Xiaomi Gateway 3 (ZNDMWG03LM and ZNDMWG02LM, with telnet enabled).

I had a successful try with modifications on the codes of xiaomi_lywsd03mmc and xiaomi_ble.

key point: door locks transmit data via the manufacturer advertisement, without mac address, while lywsd03mmc (and other ble sub-devices) transmit via service adv with mac.

the working code could be found here:
xcray/xiaomi_ble_doorlocks: modified esphome code of xiaomi_lywsd03mmc & xiaomi_ble to support the door lock brand Zelkova (github.com)

and I think it could be better when merged into the future releases, and text sensor will be a better result with the data of pdid/eid/edata.

If you want to make an ESPHome feature request you do it here:

thanks for your advice, i will