Xiaomi button missing events

I have HA, a zigbee device “cc2531” connected to orangepi/armbian, one Xiaomi button - WXKG01LM and one Xiaomi power plug - ZNCZ02LM, the button is next to the plug, both are about 20m away from the zigbee dongle and both report linkquality 5 to 10.

The problem is that quite often when I press the button, I do not see events in journalctl -u zigbee2mqtt.service -f. But if I go to the HA and switch the power plug, then for next minute every event from the button successfully comes through, they keep coming as long as I keep clicking the button, once I stop, wait 40-ish seconds - that’s it, no more events.

Wifi uses channels 7 and 11, zigbee2mqtt uses the default (which is zigbee’s 1), and neighbors on wifi channel 1 are quite far away. '{"battery":100,"voltage":3012,"linkquality":10,"click":""}' says the button. There is automation set up to switch plug on/off on the button’s single click (should not matter). Xiaomi aqara gateway is unplugged.

What is this magic and how to fix this?

Fixed the magic by repairing the button. Weird, I removed all the sensors from the xiaomi app. I’ll leave it here for the history but moderator, please feel free to kill the topic if seems useless. Thanks