Xiaomi Gateway 3 Integration

Hello after installed Xiaomi MIIO Gateway3 and added it in Integrations, devices and entities are not added.
Product information:
Xiaomi Gateway 3 ZNDMWG03LM on original firmware.1.4.6_0043

After I go to read los and this is the information:

021-03-14 12:21:19 DEBUG main SysInfo: {‘installation_type’: ‘Home Assistant OS’, ‘version’: ‘2021.3.3’, ‘dev’: False, ‘hassio’: True, ‘virtualenv’: False, ‘python_version’: ‘3.8.7’, ‘docker’: True, ‘arch’: ‘armv7l’, ‘os_name’: ‘Linux’, ‘os_version’: ‘5.4.83-v7l’, ‘supervisor’: ‘2021.03.5’, ‘host_os’: ‘Home Assistant OS 5.12’, ‘docker_version’: ‘19.03.13’, ‘chassis’: ‘embedded’}
2021-03-14 12:21:19 DEBUG gateway3 | Start main thread
2021-03-14 12:21:19 DEBUG gateway3 | Prepare Gateway
2021-03-14 12:22:19 DEBUG gateway3 | Can’t read devices: telnet connection closed
2021-03-14 12:22:19 DEBUG gateway3 | Prepare Gateway

I recently purchased the Mi Gateway 3 as upgrade from my Gateway 2.

I added it using HomeKit in integrations.

I have added 1 bluetooth motion 2 sensor in the xiaomi app and it works fine, but the sensor does not show up in home assistant. Not sure why as yet.


I did some more digging. Gateway 3 hasn’t been developed yet in HA to support Bluetooth devices. Gateway 3 is still very much in development. I wouldn’t recommend buying one.

I think the guy I bought it off on ebay who was selling as new but I could see signs of it being used probably resold it after he found out it is pretty useless in HA.