Xiaomi Gateway Integration

Hey all,

I want to make a “true” security system based on xiaomi sensors and HA on a Pi zero. Can you help me on choosing following components ?

  1. Alarm which can make some noise ! (gateway volume would make any thief to laugh :slight_smile: )
    I don’t have any rfxcom so I need to communicate with alarm via wifi (I’ll take 2 or 3 to put inside and outside the house)

  2. Backup power (where I can plug gateway, PI zero, internet router and an alarm) (line interactive one)
    (I think I’ll take this one https://www.amazon.fr/Eaton-ELP650FR-Onduleur-Noir/dp/B00D13RF6U/ref=pd_cp_421_1?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=4PV0MG227MF8XMMH7MWF)

  3. An USB GSM key (If internet is down) Found this one : https://www.amazon.fr/gp/product/B00ORLBDPE/ref=as_li_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1642&creative=19458&creativeASIN=B00ORLBDPE&linkCode=as2&tag=rosty-21 not sure it’s the best option.

If someone has already do this kind of choice it will save me hours digging forums looking for best option :slight_smile:


New FW arrived.

Any known changes?

I haven’t seen anything new so far.

Everything works here so far!

All good and working after the update.

Gateway updated to 1.4.1_147.0143 and Android app updated to 4.1.30
The new “square” temp & humidity sensors & new single-button wireless switch still don’t work.

They don’t show up on the Android app and the gateway sends empty model for the sensors & nothing when pressing the switch.


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May I ask why this component is no integrated into home assistant? It seems to be pretty advanced and was developed for over half a year now. Much more people would contribute if this is implemeted into home assistant.

Many Thanks!

And how can i make it on / off the alrm?
click_type:duobel click
what what the action?

The button of the gateway is not available/exposed unfortunately.

we tolk about wireless button.

Actions for the wireless button (as looking into the python files) are:

click_type property


Not sure if valid or if it works but there’s 2 more:


Is the zigbee power switch giving the energy consuption?

It does in the MiHome app

Have you tried connecting it via the hub rather than the app? I think from what I remember you press it three times than press the reset button on the back of whatever you are connecting it should work. I’ve not received mine yet to try it. I also believe it’s fine if you add it via an iPhone

Try a new router… my tplink did this to me…

All 5 work

Been using this for almost a year… Any word of if it can be added into the main distro? Last few HASS upgrades have broken it and required fixing.

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I’ve already joined them via the android app, so I tried to rejoin them via the hub with the method you explained above but but it didn’t work - it still says there are 2 devices connected but doesn’t display them. Im not sure if I have to delete them first but I have no idea how to do that.
I’m hoping to borrow an old Iphone 4s and try that app tonight.

Hi ! I’m learning a lot about you and your posts but I have a (maybe stupid) question: is Aqara Wall socket (zigbee version) working on HA Xiaomi Gateway Integration? I mean this wall socket:

I’m buying all the smart devices for the house I’m building so I need to know if they work with HA or not to buy them.

Thanks and sorry if it’s an stupid question.

Great job!

This socket is supported by the gateway.
You can see it here in the (iOS) app to be added as a device to the gateway: