Xiaomi Gateway & Sonos Disappeared?

Spent the day yesterday updating some automation’s, so Hassio was re-booted quite frequently without any issues.

Early yesterday evening I rebooted & my gateway & Sonos speakers weren’t found, re booted again & the problem persisted.

Deleted & re added the gateway to the Mi App - No Joy
Added Mac & Host To the config - No Joy
Re generated a new Gateway key - No Joy

Eventually left the config with just the new Key in, re booted several times & both the Sonos & Gateway were found. I dismissed it as “Just one of those things” & went to bed.

I’ve re booted again this morning & the problems re appeared?

Slowly going nuts, thanks in advance.

Scratch that, appears I’ve got a fault with my router. Altered a few settings & rebooted the router ( not the first time). Rebooted Hassio & everything’s back . Looks like I’m shopping for a new router tomorrow.