Xiaomi Gateway - Turn off Zigbee Radio?

I have two Xiaomi Gateways, but I never really got into that eco system. I do have a button and vibration sensor and they sort of work with Zha, but I don’t really use them anyways.

On the other hand, the gateways are really nice to use for alerts (both lights and tones).

Is it possible to completely turn off the Zigbee radio in these devices so I only use them for alerts? Would having no paired devices do the same thing? Looking to reduce any possible radio interference.


depends if you want to make it permanent - wireclippers?

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Lets keep it sellable in the future.

lol. no - not as far as I know

I believe having no paired devices will still keep the radio active. However, it’s not “active” in the sense that it’s doing much of anything. It’d be listening for communication from other devices trying to pair or whatever, and, possibly (I don’t know the zigbee protocol well) announcing its own presence from time to time. Since it also connects to Wifi (and you’ll need that for your lights and alerts) the additional interference is probably negligible.

I had the same thoughts. Too bad there isnt a way to just turn it off though. Thanks.