Xiaomi Honeywell Bluetooth smoke detector not showing up with Xiaomi Miio intergration?

The Xiaomi hub is working (Mijia Zigbee 3.0, lumi.gateway.mgl03, ZNDMWG03LM) and I also checked the “Use cloud to get connected subdevices” option.
I can see the smoke detector in the Mi Home app and it’s connected via BT to the hub, but it doesn’t show up in HA.
The docs mentions the following smoke detector is supported:
Honeywell smoke detector lumi.sensor_smoke JTYJ-GD-01LM/BW

Is it the BT or the Zigbee version? any way of adding the BT version and make it appear in HA?


Where do you see that the smoke detector is supported?

From the integration docs;

That is the list of unsupported devices.

These subdevices are recognized by the python-miio code but are still being worked on (not yet implemented).

Oh dear, I thought that they are recognized by HA but cant be controlled. thanks