Xiaomi humidity sensors: Mijia vs Aqara

Has anyone tried out the newer Aqara (zigbee) sensors? They have poor reviews on Amazon, but that might be a function of the complexity to set them up instead of the performance.

Do you know how they compare to the Mijia Bluetooth version in terms of speed of reporting and accuracy? The Bluetooth version has a screen which is an obvious benefit over the screenless Aqara, but if all I care about is getting humidity levels quickly (without requiring an AC/DC power source)

I’m using a lot of aqara sensors (water leakage, door, and temp/humidity). The specific thing is that I’m using SmartThings hub for connectivity (and then - integration with HA). Initially I had an issues with some sensors - they were loosing connectivity with ST hub (and this is well known issues), but few weeks ago I installed few Osram Smart+ Zigbee plugs (they are working as a Zigbee repeaters) - so the situation now is much better.