Xiaomi Mesh Wall Triple Switch ZNKG03HL - search blueprint

Hello. I’m looking for a blueprint for this device to control each button.

Xiaomi Mesh Wall Triple Switch ZNKG03HL

Don’t know if someone has already made one? well thank you

hassio does not recognize this switch
Automation solution in yaml:

   - platform: device
     type: turned_off
     device_id: 2fd7a07---------38ba071
     entity_id: switch.--------_right_switch
     domain: switch
condition: []

how can you connect this device to home assistant? can i connect the switch to HA without the xiaomi gateway?

Connect devicewhit gateway 3

Hello, I bought myself such a switch with 3 buttons. connected it to xiaomi GW3. in mi home everything works well and scripts and management. connected GW3 to HA. The switch in HA is displayed as inactive, if I start to control this switch in mi home, it becomes active in HA, but it does not respond to commands from HA. what should I do ? How can I check if everything is set up correctly? this is the only switching device on ble and so far I can not say this is the problem of this particular switch or all ble devices.