Xiaomi mii hub not working with smart plug

Hi all, I am kinda new to this. I am having a small problem. I bought the new Xiaomi smart multimode gateway (ZNDMWG03LM). I have set my mii home app to region china and language dutch. The app detects the gateway. No problem there. I connected my light switches to the gateway.
Here is my problem. I bought the Mi Smart Plug wifi. When I have china as my region it won’t connect to the smart plug. But when I change it to an EU country it finds it right away. But in the EU country, the app won’t find my gateway. So now there is no way to use my gateway and light switches with the Smart plug. Does anyone here have a solution on how to have them all in 1 app?
(I already set up the smart plug with my google assistant so that does work)

The smart plug version: Xiaomi ZNCZ05CM EU.

I have the same problem.
Any solutions to this?