Xiaomi Pedestal Fan

I would like to request to add native component support for Xiaomi Smart Pedestal Fan to Home Assistant. It is a good addition to the Xiaomi Air Purifier and beileved that the components may be similar. Thanks.

There is a custom component made by @syssi available at https://github.com/syssi/xiaomi_fan

Hi, i have tried the custom component but am unable to control my pedestal fan. My fan model is zhimi_fan_za1. I have noticed that the token that I extracted using adb method always changed for the zhi mi fan. The method used is adb to extract from the older version of Mi Home app. This method works for the roborock vacuum and other xiaomi devices without problem. But with zhimi fan, i have gotten 3 different token value from 3 different extractions. I guess this may not be the right method of extracting the token for zhi mi pedestal fan.

Could someone share the method to extract the token so that it can be used to control the fan? Thanks so much.

Feel free to read more about modern fan options if you’re looking for something except Xiaomi. Can anyone tell me why there is no that brand in review? I’ve thought there only best models represented…

Models zhimi.fan.za1 , zhimi.fan.za3 , zhimi.fan.za4 , zhimi.fan.sa1 , zhimi.fan.v2 , zhimi.fan.v3 and dmaker.fan.p5 will be supported by the core integration after 2021.9 release.