Xiaomi smart home hub and sensors

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First of all, thanks for this great forum and community. I didn’t found any “welcome” section as usual in other communities.

I’m starting in this smart home world and I have Hass.io in a Rpi2. By now, I only have one multisensor and a couple of webcams. I also integrated misc stuff like plex, spotify, etc.

My question is about Xiaomi smart home devices. I would like to have all smart devices with encryption support, I would prefer avoid using cleartext communications.

Anyone knows if xiaomi sensors are using encryption when linking to hass?

In case I use all xiaomi smart home hub, they are using encryption?


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I don’t know a lot about security/encryption. But as far as i know, you need the hub/gateway to make use of the xiaomi sensors and switches in Home-Assistant. I think i read somewhere that the sensors can be read by any device on the network. But if you want to control something like a light you need to have a key added to your HA configuration in order to be able to control it. This key can be obtained by enabeling devloper mode on the gateway.

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The Xiaomi gateway and sensors use a slightly proprietary flavour of zigbee.
This guy explains the encryption used.

(french but google translate works v well)

Some of the comms is not encrypted (e.g. request for sensor pairing)
Usual comms is encrypted based on the gateways unique key.