Xiaomi Smart Home - Wall Light Switches


I’m thinking about using Xiaomi Smart Home products with HASS. I’m looking into which devices that work as repeater. So far, I found out that battery-powered ones doesn’t work as repeater and the smart wall plug work as repeater.

Unfortunately, I can’t seem to find any information if the Wall light switch work as repeater? There’s a version that requires a neutral wire and a version without neutral wire. These Wall Switces.

Does anyone know if those wall lights works as repeater?


How did you confirm with the power switches work as a repeater?

I didn’t think they did… I attempted to test but couldn’t confirm


I don’t own the smart plugs yet. A user who own them said it works. He had problem with his sensors working as it was further from the gateway. He added one, and it was better.

BTW, he also mentioned that only the plug with “ZigBee” version in the name work as repeater. This one.

I’ll see if I can find other information regarding this.

Thank you.

Yep I got a zigbee one, when I added it it didn’t extend my signal, a temp monitor on the other side of the house still had shabby reception.

I just ordered a new hub so I will use multiple in the house.