Xiaomi temp sensor - does this seem right?

Hi, wondering your guys thought on this. The sensor is in my fridge. I’m wondering if it’s even accurate at all? Why does it peek/trough?

I’m going to buy a normal room thermistor and stick it next to it.

doesn’t look rigtht to me, is this a one off or does it reoccur on a regular basis?

I have only just moved it into the fridge so not sure yet. I have turned my fridge up to its coldest setting so will wait and see I suppose.

I also have temp sensor in fridge. Actually - two xiaomi. Here is what I have now

I have an automation for 2-3 weeks (send notification if temp will get more than 13) and it was triggered only once, when I put a lot of warm fruits next to sensors.

Seems ok to me. I have two on my fridge too. Position matters a lot in this case.

This is how thermostats work. Your fridge heats up to about 7.5 degrees, the compressor comes on and cools it down to about 6.5 degrees, then switches off. Then does it all again.