Xiaomi temperature and humidity sensor not showing battery level

I have a xiaomi temperature and humidity sensor, it works over Zigbee.
I get 4 stats from it, one of them is battery level, however this is always reported as 0%
Anyone experience with this?


Are you sure its battery isnt almost flat? I’ve a number of them, and their battery is ~2 years old, and they read 0%, however they havent died yet, so I’m going to sweat them a bit longer.

Yeah, I am pretty confident.
I changed the battery, because the sensor would shutdown all the time.

My battery don’t run for 2 years, it’s third time replacing in 1 year

Try deleting and re-pairing the device, sometimes it takes a few tries before the correct stats are shown.

I tried another battery, and now it seems fine, somehow the battery I used to replace the first one with seemed to be empty, yet my hassio showed a data graph.
All good now it seems