Xiaomi vacuum - add attribute sensor dirty

Please add one more attribute to the Xiaomi cleaner - sensor dirty.

It is exposed by python miio when issuing mirobo consumables.
Function self.consumable_state.sensor_dirty.total_seconds()

It would be great if home assistant would be able to track this and send alterts when sensors require cleaning.


Thank you!

@Oliviakrk could you please explain to me what this sensor is and does and where it is exactly located? Whereas all other consumables of my roughly half year old roborock S50 are still ok, the sensor dirty left shows up as -69 and I have no clue as to what I have to to / clean / change. :slight_smile:


I believe these are the sensors that help your vacuum not fall from stairs (or wardrobes). I think you only need to check them as clean in the app, didn’t see a way to do this through the API (but I’m not sure)
Edit: Here’s what my Mi app says, HA said -4 for dirty sensors: