Xiaomi vs dash vs nrf24l01 vs ....? for a simple button

I’m looking for button hardware I can solder wires onto the pads and use with a physical button of my choosing. That’s probably not going to be difficult.

But what’s the consensus on the most reliable and least maintenance button out there?

Just needs to get a message back to my Home Assistant Raspberry Pi that it was pressed. Ideally with good battery life.


I’ve been using an Amazon DASH button for over a year. Press it 3 times a day and just had to replace the battery. Very reliable.

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There is a delay using the amazon dash button of about 3 to 5 secs. Also can’t do long vs short press. If that’s not an issue amazon dash works well. If you have Xiaomi integration already then can also recommend the wireless buttons. I use the deconz conbee integration. They work almost instantaneously. Can’t speak to battery life yet as only had my first one a few weeks.

Ah that’s interesting - didn’t realise the battery was replaceable

Just need a xacto knife to cut the plastic weld