Xiaovv camera via onvif integration

I added 2 xiaovv camera via onvif integration.

The integration didn’t created any sensor only the live stream of the camera without sound.

How can I get motion notification from the camera ?

Is there a custom card that I can use the PTZ of the camera ?



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don’t have your answer. But I just got Xiaovv Q1 cameras and am having trouble with onvif configuration. Can you speak to it more?

I was hable to integrate Xiaovv Q12 Camera with ONVIF integration but the port wasn’t the 5000. In this case the port was 8899 and after change port it’s working as expected.


Did you need to do anything in the camera app (I used V380 pro) to enable ONVIF?
Using port 8899 results in a connection refused error/exception in the logbook. And the camera is also not able to be discovered via Onvif manager.

Although all of this may have to do with the camera being on my Guest network since it had trouble connecting to my main one. Although, in theory, it shouldn’t pose a problem since I have a 2nd NIC (Wifi adapter) in the HomeAssistant device that is connected to this Guest network.

Really hoped I would be able to use this camera with HA.

I’m stuck at the username/password. I haven’t set any in the mi home app and that one is working…How do I find these?