Yahoo component not working with v0.32.1

I just upgraded to v0.32.1 and notice my Yahoo sensor is not working. When I checked, instead of the name being sensor., they are now. sensor.yhoo, sensor.yhoo_1, sensor.yhoo_2, etc.

By chance did the configuration of the Yahoo Finance component change with this new release?

Ok, found that the configuration of the Yahoo component has in fact changed in 0.32.1. I would respectively request the documentation show how to assign a custom name to each stock ticker like it was in the previous version.

The sensor was extended ->

See for customization.

Trying to configure it on 0.36.1 and if I enable it, HA never fully starts, although I don’t seem get any errors from the log. Here is what I have:

- platform: yahoo_finance
    - amd
    - tsla
    - appl