Yale Assure Lock 2 Keyed Deadbolt

Hello everyone, I am new to Home Assistant, bought a lock that was confirmed to work with HA and I am having problems adding it to HA, any tips what I am doing wrong here… the lock showed up as a new device, I type the homekit number from the label and this message shows up (I removed the mac addresses from the message below)

An unhandled error occurred while attempting to pair with this device. This may be a temporary failure or your device may not be supported currently: LF0 () - : Failed to connect after 9 attempt(s): No backend with an available connection slot that can reach address was found: The proxy/adapter is out of connection slots or the device is no longer reachable; Add additional proxies (ESPHome Bluetooth Proxy) near this device

I already tried to reset the device and nothing, now I have the lock on my desk next to my HA PI4

On the video I saw before buying the guy is saying to add before to HA as a device… Should I add to HomeKIT IOS first?