YAML error I don't get resolved


I’m trying to create a button on a NSPanel which sets the setpoint of my thermostat 1 degree higher the the current setpoint. See code below.

But I get an error:

ERROR Error while reading config: Invalid YAML syntax:

mapping values are not allowed here
  in "/config/esphome/ns-panel.yaml", line 514, column 26:
                  temperature: "{{(state_attr('climate.nibe_1 ... 

I don’t know what I’m doing wrong here.
Al help is more than welcome

- platform: nextion
    name: $device_name Thermostat up
    page_id: 6
    component_id: 9
    internal: true
        - homeassistant.service:
            service: climate.set_temperature
            entity_id: climate.nibe_126820_s1_room
              temperature: "{{(state_attr('climate.nibe_126820_s1_room' , 'temperature')|round(0)) + 1 }}"

try indenting entity_id: two more spaces under data:. Line it up with temperature:.

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oehoe, stupid of me. Sometimes you stair at a problem without seeing the solution

Thanks for helping me out.

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