Yaml GUI helpers

I believe we all find the GUI a nice interface to add helpers and it does make things easier for beginners except that we can’t share the complete helper needed.
But what if there was like a manual/input yaml helper and similar an export helper.
The idea is to essentially to import and export helpers the same way we did before but using the GUI and once added in this text box it would be “created in the GUI” and not added in config.yaml.

So let’s say I want to share two helpers a boolean and a datetime. I pick the entities as we do in the GUI and it produces the yaml like:

(The first examples from docs)

    name: Notify when someone arrives home
    icon: mdi:car

    name: Input with both date and time
    has_date: true
    has_time: true

And the receiver has a text box like template tools you paste it in and it imports.

This should make it easier to share configurations and blueprints