YAML Light Template Help Please! Combining zigbee bulb and wall switch

Hey, I’m really getting out of my depth here, and despite having a million tabs open with examples and similar options, I’m really struggling to write the YAML I need.

I have zigbee smart switches and smart bulbs. I know this isn’t ideal as most prefer one or the other, but the house needs to be mother-in-law proof while also customisable. What I’m trying to put together is a template that controls the light bulb (hue, temp, brightness etc) but gets the status of the light from the switch status. I currently have them in a group, which is almost perfect, except when the light is powered off by the switch, the bulb becomes unavailable and therefore still displays as “on” in HA/Homekit etc.

Can anyone please help me with the YAML I need to achieve this? I’ve tried following other examples I’ve found but I’m struggling with replacing the example entities with my devices.
Thank you!

How about wiring the switches in detached mode and creating zigbee associations with the smart bulbs?

The electrician who installed them said this was a fire risk as there was no feature built into the switches. Unfortunately it’s a 140 year old house with no neutral wires throughout so my options were very limited.