Yaml mode to use !include as a card configuration

I am currently using the same chunk of yaml consisting of custom mushroom chips for the top header of more than 20 view tabs. I find myself routinely wanting to make changes to that/those cards, requiring me to go through and change all 20+ views to maintain consistency. I’ve been reading a lot about using !include as a card so I would only need to change one chunk of code. However, I’m a bit confused about how to use this process. I’ve been using !include in my configuration.yaml file with great success for some time. But in my research, it’s often mentioned that I need to use YAML Mode to make !include work in this way. Am I correct to understand that I need to place mode: yaml in my configuration file in order to make this work? What are the ramifications of doing this? Is this even worth trying? What are the downsides?

Thanks for any feedback.

use “lovelace_gen”, next level of including, very powerful to build your templates…

Thanks for the referral to lovelace_gen, it definitely looks like it may be my next necessary step to trimming things down. I’ll start studying before I make any moves I can’t easily recover from. Thanks again!