Yaml to create a tracker device manually?

I’m playing around with making my own tracker device (which will be an LTE modem mounted in a car).

I’ll eventually start updating it with REST cURL calls, but I’d like to get the entity created via hard-coding it, first.

Can somebody provide me with what a basic .yaml to create an entity with GPS coordinates, manually? The HA Device Tracker documentation doesn’t actually say anything about what the actual entity should look like…

In known_devices.yaml you create the entity

  name: "car name"
  picture: /local/car.png
  icon: mdi:golf-cart
  track: true

That should create the entity that you can control with device_tracker.see

Why not mqtt

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Truth be told, because I don’t know enough about MQTT, though it does seem like a better way to do it…

I have the router already configured with a script that sends cURL calls with GPS data. I’m a bit lost as to how I’d set up the MQTT part on the router end.