Yeelight error

Hey everyone got a quick question. I recently setup a yeelight strip in my home assistant and everytime I reboot I get this error in my log.

I also a notice on my dashboard about component issue. I can just click dismiss on the message on the dashboard and everything works. I can control thr string light from HA and it is prsemted my google home no issues. Any thoughts? I had it assigned from my xioami gateway but it wasnt working right so I removes it and switched to the yeelight component. The fact everything works seems to point to a false error maybe?


2018-01-15 20:04:32 ERROR (MainThread) [homeassistant.config] Invalid config for [light.yeelight]: expected a dictionary for dictionary value @ data[‘devices’][‘’]. Got None
expected a dictionary for dictionary value @ data[‘devices’][‘name’]. Got ‘Light Strip’. (See ?, line ?). Please check the docs at

not sure i can help, but add your config info (of light.yeelight) so people can work out where the issue is :slight_smile:

As the poster above said post your config and maintain the formatting when you post (see blue bar at the top)

This looks like a formatting issue.

If you have discover enabled, HA may still be working as it’s auto discovering.

Sorry was on my phone and thought I sent it. Guess not. Will get it uploaded tonight. But a config issue would mean it should never work but it works fine.

If you have discover enabled, HA may still be working as it’s auto discovering.

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Found it, system was messing with it because my gateway was trying to load it as well. Had to clear it from the gateway and then my config took over.

what do you mean by your gateway? I am having the same issue

Hey @Dominic. I had connected my yeelights to my xioami gateway as well as activated the yeelight component that is what was messing with mine. Although I have noticed recently I have both my string lights and the custom records for them showing up now. But I haven’t looked into why.

okay thanks. i have the wifi bulbs so no gateway hence i didn’t know what it was. i wasn imagining a software gateway

HA seems to be seeing the Yeelights as a native component so if you configure them as well it duplicates them. I don’t know if they are going to continue this way - if they do I guess we just ditch the custom component and use friendly_names

Thanks for that i f @DavidFW1960, will do a clean up when I have some time.