Yeelight Nightlight/Moonlight Problem 2021.9.x

Since the new update something in the yeelight section is broken! It seems they are not syncing exactly anymore. My Lamps show me that the nightlight/moonlight is on even the lamp is off.

I downgraded back to 2021.8.5 and it worked perfectly again

To clarify: in the states “night_light:” its always true and so the binary sensor :confused:

I can deactivate it manually in the yeelight app but if i use the moonlight mode again i’m in a loop!The sensor/state stays on even if send command:

  • service: light.turn_on
    brightness: 255
    color_temp: 250

(if i send this command it goes into moonlight mode again)

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I confirm. On version 2021.9. *, The moonlight mode is broken.
To be more precise, the command “YEELIGHT.SET_MODE: moonlight” works, but returning to “YEELIGHT.SET_MODE: normal” mode does not work.

Also, the status of the lamp is not updated if it is turned off via the bluetooth remote control. In HA it remains status ‘on’.

Yeelight 650 and 480.

This issue is resolved in version 2021.9.7 with #56363