Yellow not booting

Hello, I had Yellow PoE working fantastic since I got it, 2 months ago, and this morning it stopped working and will not respond to pings.

Here are my troubleshooting efforts step by step (HW config at the end)

  1. The green LED flashes 8 times with a few seconds between each burst which means SDRAM Failure (raspi documentation).

  2. Assuming that the NVMe M.2 is the issue, I removed it and tried to reboot the board (the NVMe was configured for storage only while eMMC still has HAOS and HACore).

  3. Removing the NVMe did not solve the issue, the green LED continued as described in 1 above.

  4. I then attempted to re-install HA as described in the yellow documentation here. Option 1 using the red and blue button did not work. I therefore moved to Option 2 using rpiboot. That too did not work (see rpiboot output below). The eMMC does not show up as a drive on a Windows PC and thus I cannot image HA onto the eMMC.

I am now back to where I was at the beginning.
Any hints or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


A few more details about my configuration

  • Yellow kit PoE Rev 1.3
  • CM4002016 (2GB RAM, 16GB Flash, no WiFi)
  • HAOS and HACore are one version behind
  • Crucial P5 Plus CT500P5PSSD8 NVMe M.2
  • Aeotec Z-Pi 7 - GPIO Z-Wave Plus2

Output from Rpiboot

RPIBOOT: build-date Dec 16 2022 version 20221215~105525 1afa26c5
Waiting for BCM2835/6/7/2711...
Loading embedded: bootcode4.bin
Sending bootcode.bin
Successful read 4 bytes
Waiting for BCM2835/6/7/2711...

If you’re correct regarding SDRAM failure code, that looks like a hardware failure.

You wouldn’t happen to have a spare CM4 to confirm, I presume?
If not, and assuming you cannot test the CM4 on another board, I would suggest to get a warranty claim on that one.

@koying, you were right. The CM4 seems to be faulty.

I’ve mounted the CM4 in a Waveshare mini base board (which I just got from Amazon) and I get the same behavior.

  • The board will no boot up
  • The ACT LED is flashes 8 times again and again
  • rpiboot failed to mount the eMMC as a drive on the PC (therefore cannot write a new boot image onto it)

I’ve already contacted the seller and will return for their inspection and replacement.


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