"You don't have any blueprints" while on local file it shows imported blueprints

automation mine: !include_dir_merge_list automations/
automation ui: !include automations.yaml

is included in config .

it does import the blueprints, but doesn’t show on the page nor i can use as automation…

Blueprints are keep in the blueprints folder


you have to import their first click on there My IMPORT BLUEPRINT

start looking here

that’s the problem , it is under the blueprints folder. imported like you said but doesn’t show up … that’s the problem i am facing…

Hi @hamsi12 , did you find a solution?
Iam facing the same problem: there are blueprints, i also used the import button. But i also get the message “You don’t have any blueprints” and i cant select them when creating a new automation.

My HA is running for 1 year now and i already used blueprints, so maybe its broken due to an update?