Yr weather sensors not autoupdating

Been playing around with HA a couple of weeks now and got most of it working including a few automations. However, I cannot get my yr weather sensors to auto-update. They are displayed ok in the UI with friendly-name and all, but the values stay static. They do update when restarting HA, but after this nothing happens. Any suggestions on what to look for? Is there an update_frequency parameter that I cannot find?

Snippet of my configuration.yaml file:

# Date and time
  - platform: time_date
      - 'date_time'

# Weather prediction
  - platform: yr
      - windSpeed
      - humidity
      - precipitation
      - pressure
      - cloudiness
      - windDirection

No, there is no update_frequency parameter.
It should update automatically.
Bugs should be reported here: https://github.com/home-assistant/home-assistant/issues/new