Z-wage gatewat

My Home Assistant is running on a VM on a server in my basement. I’m using an old Vera Lite as a Z-wave gateway at the moment. This integrates just fine in HASS. But the Vera itself is a royal pain, I’ve never liked it. So I got a Aeotec Z-wave stick to replace this. What will be the best way to make this talk with HASS? I was thinking I could us a secondary HASS installation on a RPi but I haven’t found a good way to make the two communicate.

I’m looking at using a Raspbee for Zigbee as well. Ideally, I’d like to use the RPi with both Z-wave and Zigbee as a gateway. Zigbee shoyld be fine, any ideas for Z-way? Thanks.

For zwave use Aeotec Z-wave stick… I’m using that too, and I’m very happy with it, very reliable.
I also came from Vera in the past, and it not reliable and a pain in the ***, so I’m using a RPi 3 and works great, it’s running hassio…

Did you ever set this up? I’m in the exact same situayy. I’d like to keep the hassio VM in the basement and the rpi in the middle of the house for both zwave and ZigBee. A second Hass instance seems like a lot of overhead…

I ended up using a Raspberry as a Zigbee hub, running Deconz, and the Z-wave dongle plugged into the Vmware server with USB port forwarding. The range is much better with Z-wave than with Zigbee so this works well for me. A alternative could be to use a long USB extension cord for the Z-wave dongle.