Z-Wave Adding Node Range Question

So maybe this is a silly question, but I know z-wave is a mesh network. The more powered nodes the stronger the signal.

However when it comes to “Adding” a node…does the distance only matter between the controller and THAT node you are adding itself, or can the “mesh” help in adding that node. If it only matters between the controller and node itself (distance wise) then that may explain some issues I have been having.


Signal does not get stronger.
Mesh means signal may pass controller>>device>>device
This means if device2 can see device1 but not controller, the device1 may pass device2 communication to controller.

Probably best your device able to see the controller when “Adding” to network. I never see documentation stating this, but I’ve always had problems initially adding devices that could not directly connect with controller

If the controller and devices support Network Wide Inclusion (NWI), inclusion will be relayed through other nodes in the network if the included device is out of direct range from the controller. In that case it’s best to place the device in its final location and include from there. Having to put the device within feet of the controller during inclusion is not as necessary any longer.

NWI is a requirement for Z-Wave Plus certified devices, so if you are working with Plus devices you can just include them in their final location. That does still mean though that there must be at least some nodes in range.

Older non-plus devices will need to be included near the controller (manuals will often say “within 10 feet” or something similar). If so, when you move the device after including it you’ll want to run a network Heal so the mesh routing can be corrected.