Z-Wave AEOTEC USB stick based network - how to reset STick and all devices and restart from scratch


I am running HASS.IO + AEOTEC GEN5 stick + approx 15 Z-wave devices (Smoke alarm, multi-sensor, repeater, water-detector, switches, …) for a few years. I have been including/excluding and renaming (when it still was possible) devices, my network is working, but I’d like to clean it up a bit …

I’d like to wipe everything and start from scratch, what would be the best approach ? Exclude all devices one by one and then do a factory reset of the USB-stick, or is there a quicker mechanism ?
I’d like to remove all entities & the integration and start from a clean slate ?



You can clear the zstick by holding the reset button for 10 seconds, it blinks blue then stops I believe. This will clear the devices from the stick but then you have to find out what the reset procedure is for each zwave device. I found it easier to just walk around with the stick and exclude each device, then reset the stick, and clear the zwave config files in homeassistant before plugging the stick back in.

Yes, I agree with you, I eventually did it that way - excluded all devices one by one.