Z-wave Controller Replacement

I have been using a Nortek Z-Wave / Zigbee combo hub for the past couple of years and it’s worked fairly well. However, over the past few weeks, I’ve begun having a lot of problems with my Z-Wave devices becoming unresponsive. My Zigbee devices are still working great. I’m looking at upgrading to a Zooz 800 stick to migrate all of my Z-wave devices to. My question though is if I continue to use the Nortek stick for my Zigbee devices, how do I ensure my Z-Wave devices connects to the new Zooz 800 controller and not the Nortek Z-Wave controller? I’m not planning on trying to do a migration since I have less than 10 devices.

Unpair your devices from your old controller then pair them to your new controller. Then change your controller in your Z-Wave JS settings.

The 700/800 series firmware has known issues that cause the controller to jam. Search through this forum for more details. The 500 series such as Aoetec Gen5+ running Fw 1.2 is a more stable option.