Z Wave Dome Sensor - No Entities Showing Up


I just purchased a Dome ZWave Window and Door Sensor and I seem to have connected it because I am seeing it show up in my list of ZWave devices and it is listed as complete however when I go and select the entities in the node there is no drop down. Also no new sensor shows up so I am unsure how I get the information on how to know if the window/door is open or closed. My device is showing up as Ready so it seems to have connected ok but there is no Manufacturer name or product name which concerns me a little as to maybe it is not connected correctly. I have unconnected and connected a couple of times. Any advice would be appreciated.


I had trouble with these as well. Have you tried using Add Node Secure? And restarting HA after it pairs? Keep an eye on the Z-Wave log when you’re pairing as well for any indication of what might be going on.

For what it’s worth, once I got them all successfully added after multiple attempts, they’ve been pretty solid and battery life has been good as well. I have the Pro that is supposed to last 10 years; not sure I believe that, but so far they’re doing well.


@Brett_C thanks for responding. Yes I had two of these so I tried the 2nd one and it seemed to work. I will have to go back and try the other one when I get time but thanks for the help.