Z Wave Group for Front End

This is probably a very simple question…

I have been testing a new instance of Home Assistant to play around with some devices and noticed the default front end shows a Z wave screen like the one attached. This kind of screen would come in handy on my main instance. How do I go about showing that? My front end groups are all custom and I do not see any kind of master group that I can just add to my front end configuration.


Create a group that contains all your Z-Wave entities:

  name: Z-Wave information
  view: false
  - zwave.zwaveme_razberry_controller_2016_zwave
  - zwave.table_light
  - ...

That’s a snippet of mine.

There is a default one that’s created, but it doesn’t show up in the dev-states list for some reason, so it’s hard to know what it’s called.

Thanks. Was hoping there was an easy, always up to date default group, but then again, how often do I add Z wave devices.

Is there a group for zwave devices that you could use with group-card?