Z-wave hub. Telldus live or vera?

I like Hass but never made the z-wave part as fast and stable as I’m used to. Therefor I want a z-wave hub. Has anyone experience in both the Vera and the telldus live v2 as a hub for HA?

Is there a delay when using any of these two devices? Seems to me that maybe the TellStick have more direct/faster communication?

Vera is a local component, Telldus is also local if you configure it with a local IP address. Both should be relatively responsive, though slightly slower than with a Z-Wave stick.

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Ok thanks. Have you tried any of them yourself?

For me running the stick was pretty slow with raspberry pi 3 compared to indigo. But maybe faster on a NUC.

No, I run with the Razberry board on a Pi3, and it’s pretty snappy. Any lag issues I have are down to the Z-Wave mesh, not the Pi.

Using the OpenZwave from home assistant or a 3rd part?

OpenZWave, direct with HA